MeeFX CopyTrade

GoIT Copytrading (hereinafter referred to as – ‘the Service’) is a service that allows traders (hereinafter referred to as – ‘copyers’) to copy trades from other traders (hereinafter – ‘master’), and can be activated by selecting ‘start copying’ .
1. Copier Commits To Do The Following To Use The Service:
1.1. Registered And Log In As A Customer On The GoIT Website
1.2. Adding Funds To Wallet
1.3. Start Copying.
2. Copyists Have The Right To Do The Things Below:
2.1. Copying Any Masters (Copy Area Lists All Current Subscriptions).
2.2. Close Copied Trades Anytime In Copy Area.
2.3. Unsubscribe to Masters And Stop Copying Master Trading By Clicking ‘Stop Copying’. In order to unsubscribe, copyists must close all their trades. After Unsubscribe, All Funds Invested With The Master Following Profits Will Be Returned To The Copy Wallet.
2.4. Specifies Copy Proportion Size For All Selected Masters. This option is described in detail in Section 4.4. These Terms And Conditions.
2.5. Added Support Funds To Protect Investments From Unexpected Market Movements. These Funds Are Used To Support Copier Trading Strategies When The Market Is Fluctuating And Does Not Affect Profits Directly.